Life: What I feel About…

Posted May 20, 2009 by Anand Chauhan
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What is real mirth?

I wonder a lot about it. What makes one happy?

Well, in my opinion happiness comes from all the things which is with a person, not what he hankers for. If a person don’t get a thing which he aspired for, prayed for, cried for, remained very committed for then it simply means that the entity he was aspiring for was not for him may, be there something better waiting for him. This idea compels me to divulge that one should not ask god for what he desires but he should ask him for what he deserves as his desire can be less than what he deserves.

Life is itself a uphill task to complete, it’s a odyssey full of lumps and bumps. Everyone who is alive has determination to live further in a better way; however, one with weak mind fails to. Being firm with the idea which implies correctness is what defines having a “strong mind”. I remember a fantastic expression “life indeed would have been dull if there were no such difficulties”. It’s said that a ship has to sail in the ocean amidst of high tides as its place is not the harbor. To have the real test of life and to be able to say that I have lived my life one has to go out from the well of darkness and fear. Some say life is punishment but I say it’s something great for one has lived it to lease.

I wonder how somebody dares to lose his life by committing suicide, the meanest act in human kind one can do. However, it’s a attempt which is made by people who have low self confidence, and are subjected to be overpowered by painful but natural troubles in life.

Now, I must mention a idea which is tiding in my mind. What is self respect? Does self respect have its priority maintained in case of high intense love? I think, love begetters self respect. Self respect is the respect what you give to your self not the respect you expect for. Even a beggar begging for alms is a person having self respect as long he feels that he is not wrong if he begs. A drunkard if feels that he is doing what he should then he has his self respect intact irrespective of other tell him.

I have these thoughts idea to share. If any feels to refine what I feel, or what I presented above then he or she is most welcome


Should I..?

Posted April 5, 2009 by Anand Chauhan
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should I optimistic about?

Should I hope for? should I wait for?

Should I expect from?

Should I be obsessed of?

Should I forget ?

Should I cry for?

Should I pray for?

Should I believe in?


What should I do?

What if I hope and dont get?

what if  I expect and dont get?

what if I dont get what I pray for?

” These are some unanswered questions tiding due to the cyclonic turmoil generated in my heart leading it for a wild quest of what we call mirth of being alive”

However one thing I know :

“if the fate do not make you laugh, then you just dont get the joke”

Who is Best ?

Posted January 14, 2009 by Anand Chauhan
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Sometimes I feel that why man is called the best creature of world?

what is really the criteria to be best?

what does one have to have to be best?

Well, today the human being has progressed in all field. Every comfort which one couldnt have imagined is at arms length to some people in today’s era. It sounds so great, does it not? If there is so much of comfort all over then why is it concentrated to some people. Why there is no Equilibrium? ….

Doesn’t the scenario of a destitute misery, wondering cloth less, shabby, and Hungry look sets one’s heart to rapid palpitation. Is it not a raw story of misery in the era of comfort and achievement. A small helpless and alone child being pressurized by the social calamity when stands demanding a piece of bread makes one feel rather to echo a question within —-why??

Synchronization is the law of nature. Perhaps the man of this era have forgotten and made the mother nature suffer even. Deforestation is the burning instance to back my logic up. When the human didnt even bother to break the synchronization within the nature to keep him alive then how can it be expected that a similar balance will prevail all around regarding poverty and monetary comfort.

To site a example I would like to state a incident which one have might have beheld now and then—– a helpless, hungry, thirsty, half naked, itching the scars of poverty stands in front of a affluent, happy and a rich guy expecting something from him, gets a harsh and hard arrogance. Had that man offered him some help then it would have been a better and appreciable job.

But the question is that if he would have helped that destitute then would it have helped. The answer is no. But if everyone thinks so then the world will become a exhibition of arrogance towards the needies……hah!!!!!

Can we say that Knowledge is a two edged sword. Yes we can say it. “Less knowledge is dangerous thing”…I have something to say about it. Do more knowledge imparts a positive consequence. What is Nuclear Bomb product of, it got its  existence on the ground of wisdom and knowledge. What rubbish?? What a use of wisdom?? I wonder. Is destruction effect of knowledge….I deal it in this way, what do you think. May be you have a different Idea, But I am not wrong I know it.


Do we….?

Posted January 14, 2009 by Anand Chauhan
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Do we always get the thing what we want?

Does it mean that we don’t deserve it?

What if we get, what we want?

Sometimes, you know, there is a great relief and happiness in waiting for the thing we cherish for. Its called pursuit of most desired entity. Do you think that I am disclosing the above stuffs out of my imagination? Sorry, it is what I am realizing and undergoing. Which one is correct MIND or the appeal of HEART? Can any body enlighten me upon this agenda. If we lend patience concentration to our mind it manacles us from indulging in natural human behavior- selflessness and righteousness, on the other hand, if the appeal of “heart’ is given consideration then emotions and passion plays its most tender aspect, tremors the bearer and sets turmoil to his regular activities. This is what I feel, having experienced harsh but natural happiness going on among the so called best creature of almighty.

Does this not prove that we are the meanest aspect of nature? Is this the impact of evolution going around? Does it not prove that animals being selfless, cycling through mother nature’s rules, reproducing and leading a peaceful and relatively holly life? It may be so that, the reader might comprehend that the writer of this STATEMENTS of thought is suffering trauma, but this is what we call reality which triggers when one one falls in the pit created by the people, that is the so called our well wishers, which is unintentional but quite uncertain regarding its occurrence in the path of life. However, being a human being we are supposed to follow the path of righteousness and help our fellow beings as much as we can. Perhaps it is the way to salvation.

You are most welcome to criticize and refine my thoughts if you think that I am wrong